Ahad, 12 Mac 2017

sea of life

As you sail on the sea of life, somebody’s life is going to run up on some sort of an iceberg, somebody is going to be in great difficulty and in that difficulty, they are going to cry out. But the sad thing about human beings that cry out, is that they don’t cry out “S.O.S” or “Help me,I’m in desperate need,” They react in anger, in sulkiness, in sarcasm or in some way that they just pray is going to get them attention. Take time to listen for the “S.O.S.” of the other human ships passing over the sea of life. Don’t hear, “I hate you.” Hear the desperate plea that say, “Please love me. I’m hurt, I’m lost and I’m lonely.” Don’t hear, “Mind your own business.” Hear, “Help me, I’m lonely and I need love.” Those messages, those calls for help are to be found in every “striking out” that you meet this day. Don’t be a “California.” Know that the “Titanics” are foundering all around you, but that can hear the “S.O.S.” and give the help that is needed. That’s why you were put where you are today.

Robert Anthony

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