Isnin, 5 Disember 2011


9.15 a.m..wake up this morning..feel so tired and lazy to go to mandarin classes..set alarm at 8.3o a.m, after the third alarm i wake up..hehe

walking to the foyer to take a bus, but the last bus at 9.40a.m has left me just because i avoid the cleaner that mops the floor at the, the driver just think i want to go to the atm first,he was wait for,i just get to another bus...huhuh
at 10.oo a.m, the bus is moving because it was waiting for the bus to be full with student like a sardin in the tin..i arrive at class on 1o:15 a.m..just a few students in the lecture hall..what the *&^$%?? i really think that i late..
Unfortunately, my friends says that the was no lecture at that day...%$#@$!!!! +'+...just be patient on that incident..So,we decided to go take a breakfast..maybe bunch..coz we had a rice with the fried chicken...hihi..enj0y the food..although in my mind think that if a can get more sleep at the morning..~'`~
After the bunch, i decided to go to the library so i can finish my autobiography assigment...from 11.3o until 3.3o pm at the library..2 hour do the assigment, 3o minutes study for the test this friday and the rest surf the internet...

After that, i go to prayer..and then got a pengurusan koko class..i'm the only one that wear baju kurung...the others was wearing a tracksuit and sport shoes..i feel so embrassed...T_T..but, i just act like a c00L person....V(^^/)..finish the class,we got a short meeting about our bola baling champion next week for pengurusan koko..

quotes for today: 
Catat Ulasan

lima bahasa kasih sayang

1. pemberian hadiah 2. masa berkualiti (meluangkan masa bersama-sama) 3. beri khidmat (membantu kerja di rumah) 4. belaian fizikal...